Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

And the winner of first  European Nations Team Tournament is:

Gratulations to the winners!!

2nd Place: Croatia
3rd Place: Armenia

Thx to all participants and  good luck next year :)

EBIF is happy to sponsor two XG licences to Iranian players:
Amirsnooker and Nardshir

thx to Rick Janowsky for the concept to support nations without easy access to XG - this will be continued within the next tourneys of EBIF.

The map shows all the nations participating in the EBIF Nations Team Tournament (Iran is also playing as a guest team). The nations shaded in dark red are those that are or about to become full EBIF affiliated, reporting their online National Championship results through the EBIF framework.

The European Backgammon Internet Federation (EBIF) is an internet based organisation which provides a framework to participating Nations to organise and manage online National Championship backgammon tournaments. An open source database is adopted which is managed individually by each participating Nation. Both Austria and Switzerland have organised National Championships through the EBIF, and other countries are expected to participate soon.
These webpages can be available in several languages as soon as a Nation take responsibility for translating.
Every European nation with an existing online national backgammon federation (or confederation of associations) is invited and encouraged to use the EBIF framework, as are those European nations interested in forming a new online federation. If so, send an email to

Current EBIF Members (with links to their individual websites, and National Championship details):

Championship 2012:  1. Sharooz 2. Georges 3. Nils
Championship 2013:  1. Jean-Marc Grand 2.Sharooz Zarei 3. Denis Etienne

Championship 2012:1. Steffi 2. Taulajoe 3. Epikur73
Championship 2103: 1. Delphin 2. Kreon 3. Taulajoe
Championship 2012:1. Mislav Kovačić 2. Dado Martinčević 3./4. Kristijan Čuljat & Miran Tuhtan
Championship 2013: 1. Willi Preskar 2. Leonardo Jerković 3. Siniša Vrhovec

Championship 2013:

Championship 2013:

Championship 2013:

Online Events 2014:
In addition to National Championships, the EBIF will also host and organise (with the assistance of participating Nations) the following European international events:
·         - EBIF European Nations Team Championship 2014
·         - European Champions Cup 2014 (for National Champions)
·         - EBIF League 2014 (for  places 2-5 of the National Championships)
·         - Open tournaments for participants from all European Countries registered with the EBIF

The three basic requirements for each Nation participating in the EBIF are:

1) All matches played are at least to 7 points
2) Electronic match files should be submitted for every match played
3) It is the responsibility of each participating Nation to manage and maintain its database and dropbox (match files) on the website, inputting scores, modifying tables and ranking lists as appropriate. Scheduling of matches is similarly the responsibility of the participating Nations.

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